General Terms and Conditions Living Yoga Hergiswil


These General Terms and Conditions are valid in updated version for all services provided by Living Yoga in Hergiswil. They are an integral part of all customer contracts.


1. Terms of Payment

All subscriptions to classes, workshops, bootcamps or other events have to be paid in their entirety and if not, they otherwise need to be agreed upon, before first use. No refund is possible for already made payments. All subscriptions are personal, non-transferable, non-terminable and binding.

Students, apprentices and seniors get a 20% discount on their passes, provided that they show their (student) ID.

Services can be paid on-site in cash or with EC / credit card or in our online booking tool «MindBody» via integrated payment functions. Invoicing is only permitted on inquiry and for amounts exceeding CHF 100. Bills must be paid within 10 days from the date of the invoice. For every warning an additional amount of CHF 5 is added. Living Yoga reserves the right to terminate a subscription in case of a second warning (written and / or verbally) concerning payments by instalments that are due.

2. Period of Validity

The period of validity of the subscription is binding. The period of validity of the service is indicated on the registration form and the Living Yoga website. Moreover, the period of validity of each service will be pointed out verbally to the costumer on purchase. Paid for but not used or only partially used subscriptions expire after the period of validity. Any claim for refund is inapplicable.

2.1 Interruption of Subscription due to Injury or Illness

In the case of injury or illness ongoing subscriptions can be extended for the period of absence but for a maximal period of 4 weeks. This prolongation must be notified within a period of one week after the occurrence written by mail or e-mail ( including a copy of the medical certificate. Any request for prolongation after the period of one week will not be taken into account. A monetary refund is not possible.

2.2. Interruption of Subscription due to Holidays

For longer absences because of holidays, Living Yoga offers the following options for the services mentioned below:

  • 2-months-passes can be prolonged for a maximal period of 7 days at a stretch.
  • 6-months-passes can be prolonged for a maximal period of 14 days at a stretch.
  • All other subscriptions can neither be interrupted nor extended or refunded.


3. Cancellation

Agreed dates and registrations are binding. The following deadlines apply, within which a free cancellation or cancellation is possible:

Regular classes

no sign-off required

Private lessons

24 h

Teacher trainings

24 h

Workshops / Events / Courses / Bootcamps

24 h


one week


Living Yoga reserves the right to charge the full participation costs for persons who do not comply with the above mentioned notification periods.


4. Private Lessons

Appointments for private lessons are binding. The whole fee must be paid if private lessons are not cancelled at least 24 hours beforehand.


5. Workshops, Courses, Events and Bootcamps

Subscriptions to Workshops, Courses, Bootcamps and all other Events are binding. Living Yoga reserves the right to invoice the participation fee if a person that has applied for a Workshop, Course, Event or a Bootcamp does not participate.


6. Change of Offered Lessons, Prices and Opening Times

The offered lessons (in particular the teaching person), prices and opening times can be changed at any time. No refund is possible. No entitlement to reimbursement can be derived from this. Changes will be notified to the clients via newsletter, email, social media and / or the website. Offered courses are only held from a minimum number of participants, which is determined and communicated in advance for the individual locations and course forms. 


7. Data Protection

All data that the participants have indicated on the registration form and / or in the login on the website of Living Yoga will be saved, treated confidentially and not made accessible to any unauthorized third parties. A complete deletion of all data will only be made on written request by the client.

Living Yoga will use the indicated e-mail addresses for personal messages and the distribution of the newsletter. The unsubscribing from the newsletter can be made independently by the recipient directly in the newsletter itself (button «Unsubscribe») or by request via e-mail to

During classes and especially during workshops we reserve the right to take pictures and to use them for advertising purposes.


8. Liability

Each participant is responsible for his / her own well-being and the well-being of minors in their care during the classes and all other offers related to the services of Living Yoga Hergiswil. Existing physical conditions/ailments and pregnancy must be communicated to the teacher before each class. Living Yoga denies any responsibility for accidents and injuries, which happened in relation to the services of Living Yoga. Liability for consequential damage is excluded. Insurance is the responsibility of each participant.

The participant assumes complete liability for damages or losses whatsoever, especially for valuables and property brought by the participant.

Damage of Living Yoga property will be repaired at the cost of the person who has caused or provoked it.


9. Rules of the House

The posted rules of the house apply. The rules of the house are also available online.


10. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

Applicable law is Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is Stans.



Hergiswil, January 2018, V.7