house rules

House Rules Living Yoga – Hergiswil

Start of course
The doors of the course room open 15 minutes before the start of the course.
Classes begin punctually and we ask our participants to also be on time. After class start it’s not possible to participate anymore.

Subscriptions are stored digitally in our CRM software «MindBody». There are no physical abo cards. Please tell our staff your name to register for class. A booking via «MindBody» before class does not equate to an attendance. It’s necessary to reach out to our staff.

Our yoga equipment
We ask our participants to please use the complimentary yoga equipment provided (such as mats and blocks) with care.
Please wipe the yoga mats down with the mat-cleaner and a cloth (you will find both in the mat cupboard) after use.

Property of the participant
The participant assumes complete liability for damages or losses whatsoever, especially for valuables and property brought by the participant. You may of course bring your valuables with you into the course room.

Mobile phones
We ask you to please either set your mobile phone to silent or switch it off completely during classes.

Accident or injury
Each participant is responsible for his/her own well-being and the well-being of minors in their care during the classes and all other offers related to the services of Living Yoga Hergiswil. Existing physical conditions/ailments and pregnancy must be communicated to the teacher before each class. Living Yoga Hergiswil denies any responsibility for accidents and injuries, which happened in relation to the services of Living Yoga Hergiswil. Liability for consequential damage is excluded. Insurance is the responsibility of each participant.

Criminal damage
Damage of Living Yoga Hergiswil property will be repaired at the cost of the person who has caused or provoked it.

General Terms and Conditions
Each participant must register prior to its first visit to Living Yoga. A registration can be carried out via physical registration form as well as online. By completing the registration form, the customer acknowledges and accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Living Yoga Hergiswil.
General Terms and Conditions can be viewed at any time on our website. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be communicated to customers via e-mail and/or Social Media.