These guidelines were developed in the interest of quality, transparency, and confidence building partly by BDY (The Professional Association of Yoga Teachers in Germany) and supplemented by Living Yoga PLC. They are valid for Living Yoga Hergiswil.

  • As yoga teachers, we are aware of our responsibility to the participants. To the best of our knowledge and beliefs we are committed to maintaining and promoting the health of our participants. These effects come into practice especially by regular training and the personal and direct contact between the teacher and the participants.
  • We provide ancient, health-enhancing methods and yoga exercises in full recognition of the spiritual and religious freedom of other people. As yoga teachers we recognise the value of all people regardless of gender, ethnic origin, political or religious conviction.
  • We respect all the different yoga traditions. We are aware that our own interpretation of yoga is not the only one which is valid.
  • We value and respect the individuality and freedom of the participants. From this understanding, we abstain from any psychological, physical, social and material exploitation.
  • We will treat the participants` personal data and information with the upmost confidentiality.
  • As yoga teachers, we respect our limitations and competence. And only teach what we ourselves have been studying and practising.  We undertake regular training in yoga in order to develop our personal and professional skills.
  • We remain aware of the limits of our abilities. Participants, who require a recognised medical treatment, for us, due to their physical or medical state, we encourage to put their trust in the hands of medical professionals.
  • If we use in addition to or accompanied by our yoga teaching other methods, we will clarify the nature and scope of these methods with the participants.
  • The participants can inform themselves about the conditions, the duration, and costs through the current website: